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Vagina's don't push babies out, uteri push babies out!

Ultimately your uterus can push your baby out without any help, but sometimes the urge to push is very strong 💪 So if you are wanting to push, or you are been coached to push remember not to use your pelvic floor but to use your transverse abs. Teaching people the physiology of pushing while they are still pregnant results in shorter pushing stages, as well as fewer tears and cesarean sections. It also empowers people during what can be the scariest part of labour- giving them power by providing education about the coordination of muscles to most efficiently push out their babies. It's important to engage our transverse abs and relax our pelvic floors. HOW DO WE ENGAGE OUR TRANSVERSE ABS? 😌 We take a deep breath in, and on the exhale draw our bellybutton in towards our spine. HOW DO WE RELAX THE PELVIC FLOOR? 😌 Take a deep breath and imagine yourself holding in a wee and fart, then on the exhale let it all go, this letting go is a RELAXED pelvic floor. Now the tricky part, combining the 2 together. This can be a bit tricky to learn at the beginning, so feel free to practice 😊 REMEMBER ⚡️Push with your gut, not with your butt⚡️ Women's health physios can be an amazing place to learn all about your pelvic floor health and how to relax it. We have some incredible women here on the Central Coast; @lunaphysiotherapy @physiofemina_ @physiozest_womenshealth @centralcoastphysiolates


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