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Birth Mapping Session

During our session, we create a birth map tailored to you and your unique birth preferences.  

Understanding your options in advance gives you the freedom to explore and research these pathways. This can enable you to make informed decisions about your birth, leaving you feeling confident and empowered.  


Through a combination of the powerful game 'the game of Birth' created by Catherine Bell, discovery questions, and discussions, I can support you in the journey of birth mapping. 



  • 1:1 x 2-hour session (via Zoom or in-home) with you and your birth partner

  • Play the 'Game of Birth' designed by Catherine Bell

  • Explore your and your birth partner's birth biases, fears, and values.

  • Create an individual birth map

  • Learn the various pathways in birth

  • Explore how your birth team can support your desired birth pathways

"When we understand the pathways, we can navigate with confidence" - Catherine Bell 

Investment $150

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