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Get to Know me

 ​Hello, I am Charlotte, originally from Yorkshire in the UK, and came to Australia in 2012 via a few other countries with the view of staying for 6 months...... well what can I say, I met an Australian and as of 2015, the Central Coast NSW has been my home.

Before becoming a doula, I have always worked in or studied areas to do with the care, support, and well-being of people; the dental industry for 15 years, homecare for people with disabilities, and I studied to be a registered nurse with the plan to do midwifery.  In 2017 me and my partner started our family; we now have 3 beautiful girls, Lilah, Peggy, and Orla. 

I can't say that my transition into motherhood was easy, to be honest, it was by far the hardest transition I have gone through. In the first 8 months of being a mother, I struggled with postnatal depression and anxiety which came from my crushing lack of self-confidence in my own motherly instincts. After coming through this phase of my life I spent time reflecting on what I had learned, and the care and support I had received from family and friends. This ignited a passion for the emotional and physical well-being of mothers, and what can be done during pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester to create empowered, confident, capable mothers.  

My training as a doula, the personal research I have done, and my own life experience, it has given me a strong sense of purpose to guide and nurture mothers to trust themselves, their bodies, and their instincts. So, here I am to hold space and be with you on this journey of life we call motherhood.   


Charlotte x

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